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Bethany Baptist Church History: Birth- 1877

On June 12, 1877 the Bethany Baptist Church was formed.

In 1878 the church called Rev. J.D. Walker to be pastor until his death in October of 1880. On the second Sunday in November 1880 the members called a young man with no experience named John W. Gore to be their pastor. Although Rev. Gore was called to be the pastor of the church in November of 1880, he wasn't ordained as a minister until February 27, 1881. In 1897, the shepherd changed. The body called R.H. Billingslea  who was pastor until 1899. Rev. Gore was called again in 1900 to lead . Eight years later on March 24, 1908, a storm swept away the church and left only the floor standing. Rev. Gore remained pastor until his death in 1943. Community churches contributed aid to Bethany to purchase framing and shingles for a new covering.

Rev. Tom Davidson became pastor and the building was still in need of repair. During this time the church cornerstone was relaid and many upgrades were made to better enhance the service. Rev. Davidson remained our pastor until his health failed. in 1979 the lord sent Rev. Marsh Gates and under his leadership many deacons were ordained. Rev. Gates remained until his retirement on December 12, 1999.  

The church was without a leader for some time and then the Lord sent Rev. William Robinson on May 12. 2001.Under Pastor Robinson many visions were manifested. New officers and assistants were appointed, a new computer was purchased, a new electronic piano, renovated the Pastor's study, side hallways and the choir loft were renovated. Recently we renovated our kitchen annex, added wall railings to support the choir as they ascend to the choir loft. New steps were also added to the kitchen. Our baptism pool was moved from the front of the church lawn to the pulpit area. All these things we attribute to Pastor Robinson whose vision is to see Bethany advance to a model place of worship and a church home we can be proud of.

Our Leaders!

Church Schedule

Happening at the BBC!     Visit us Every Sunday Morning at 10:00 am for Sunday School.
 Every 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday  for Regular morning worship at 11:15 am.    
We welcome everyone to our Prayer Service every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm followed by Bible study at 7:00 pm.